Bankruptcy Appraisals

We Understand That a Lower Appraisal Value
Will Help You!

Just read the top and know that we understand what you're going through! More than 40% of our appraisals are for clients undergoing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When your bankruptcy attorney advises you to get a certified real estate appraisal, it's in your best interest if the appraisal value is lower than your mortgage balance; we know the process inside/out and completely understand the situation.

We understand the legal situation as well as your current financial condition and are ready to prove it...

ANY CLIENT ORDERING AN APPRAISAL FOR BANKRUPTCY MAY TAKE AN ADDITIONAL $25 OFF THE ALREADY LOW FEES WE HAVE LISTED ON OUR SITE. (this only applies for appraisals relating to bankruptcy and not for any other purpose)

Each of our certified appraisers is on the court approved appraiser list. This list is called the "Part 36 List of the Chief Judge" We are among the 1% of real estate appraisers who are on this exclusive list. - YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS WITH US!

We have been providing real estate appraisals to clients undergoing bankruptcy since 1996. All of our appraisers are certified with local expertise. Call us today and let us help you through this unfortunate process.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Real Estate Appraisal Firm:

*We have sample appraisals and a copy of one of our appraiser's certification (available on top) to prove we're a legitimate appraisal firm; there are many fraudulent appraisal sites on the Internet.

*Over 18 Years Experience

*FHA Certified (the highest degree in appraisal certification)

*Lowest Fees Online

*Preferred Bank Appraisers with Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo and as a result understand the Pre-Purchase/Pre-Listing Process better than anyone.

*Court approved appraisers on the "Part 36 List of the Chief Judge" and understand appraisals for legal purposes better than anyone. (Bankruptcies, Estates, Divorces, etc.)

*Local Expertise - We have an FHA Certified Real Estate Appraiser waiting your call in each county.

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Our Appraisal Firm Has Been Featured In:

The New York Times
The Real Deal Magazine
The New Yorker

"These guys gave me exactly what I needed - a true fair market value. I was looking to list my home for sale and realized that brokers & online sites like zillow were giving me different figures for my property. I called up Homeland and they told me that they will appraise it as if they were appraising it for a bank. They said that this way it would reflect the true value of a home as it would be what a bank is willing to lend on. Lo and behold their appraisal came in at exactly the same amount the bank's appraiser came in for the mortgage loan. If you want a true unbiased opinion of value, call these guys up - they definitely know what they're doing."

James Fontana - Brooklyn, NY

"It was such a pleasure working with Homeland; they were very flexible with their scheduling and fulfilled their promise of a 24-Hr Turnaround! (They saved me from my procastination!) The appraisal was for tax grievance purposes and it eventually helped me to significantly reduce my property taxes. Their certified appraisal met all the requirements set forth by the town. I would highly recommend them in the future!"

Stacey Fanara - Bronx, NY

"I used this company to help settle my Father's estate. They knew what I needed even before I had a chance to explain. They provided me with a certified retrospective appraisal dated at the date of passing and were very professional throughout the whole process. I recommended them to my neighbor who was thinking of listing her home and she was very satisfied as well. Call these guys up, you can't go wrong."

Richard Collins - Queens, NY

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